• Four breweries supply 83% of all U.K. beer.
  • 10 companies own 60% of the 55,000 pubs in the U.K.
  • Lager now accounts for over 60% of U.K. beer sales.
  • U.K. drinkers pay 6 times more duty than the French drinkers and 8 times more duty than German and Spanish drinkers.
  • Traditional beer is healthy it is a good source of B vitamins, lowers harmful cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease when drunk in moderation

Exe valley brewery – How silent gliss electric curtain tracks are changing the brewing process

Modern breweries such as the exe valley brewery depend on incredibly precise and scientific processes in order to create their beers and products and much of this precision involves controlling the surrounding environment such as lighting, which electric curtain tracks are excellent at helping with. There are so many factors that can effect the taste and quality of a hand crafted beer, it’s not simply the ingredients as many people think it is, the temperature of the entire process needs to be closely monitored to ensure the beer is of the highest quality.


How do electric curtain tracks control the lighting in a brewery?

Any brewery or beer manufacturer will tell you that the more things that they can control and automate electrically the easier their job is. Sensitive electric thermometers are used for temperate and equally exposure to sunlight is controlled by light sensors on these electric curtain tracks. When light levels reach a certain threshold these silent gliss curtain tracks and rails can spring into action and close themselves, or the brewer themselves can choose to operate the curtain rails by using a remote control. Silent Gliss electric curtains can be incorporated into the central controls of the factory too meaning that they can be controlled from the same control board that the rest of the equipment in the factory are.

 Renovating a brewery with cheap wallpaper

As breweries grow bigger, so to do the offices. Recently I was tasked with renovating our offices and giving them a decoration makeover, which I chose used lovely discount wallpapers for. Now for our brewery offices, we didn’t have a huge budget, so a cheap wallpaper was a must. The truth is that not a lot of people spend a lot of time, so some of the more expensive vinyl wallpaper or brick wallpaper would have been a bit of an overkill.

brewery cheap wallpaper

 I still wanted to achieve a great look with a cheaper wallpaper

While I was trying to save a little on price, I still wanted a look that people would enjoy. Because of this I decided to go with a floral wallpaper that matched the colour of the carpets that we have in our offices. So far it’s been a pretty great success with the cheap wallpaper really doing the trick, I must say that my wallpaper hanging skill leave a lot to be desired so perhaps a bit more practice is in order!